Our planet is in crisis… how many times have we not heard this phrase? Air pollution, climate change, ozone depletion, deforestation, desertification, biodiversity loss, soil, sea and natural environment degradation are some of the greatest threats that Earth has to face. Environmental problems affect the lives of all people and each one of us individually.

At a regional level, each country faces its own issues and challenges. In Greece, we have a unique natural heritage. However, our seas, forests and mountains are threatened not only by climate change, wildfires, pollution or overfishing but also by human inaction.

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When facing global issues like environmental challenges, most of us wonder: What can one person do about it? We usually place our hopes on governments, scientists and environmental organizations. However, there are actually many things we can do individually, in order to protect our planet and live in harmony with nature.
Being active citizens, expressing interest and actively seeking information about the environmental issues of our country and of our planet is an important contribution. Selecting our newsfeed and getting the latest information about the topics that concern the environment and our communities is a way to start.

However, love for nature and the environment is fostered through personal experience. We cannot love what we do not know, and we cannot know what we do not see. Or hear. Or sense. Participating in outdoor activities and outdoor experiences at sea, at mountains and forests, raise awareness and insight on environmental issues and make us, and our children, more alert. By educating the future generations to understand the effects that the modern way of living has on our planet we can make sure that they acquire knowledge and will for a sustainable lifestyle. After all, a sustainable future is all about habits, nutrition and consumption choices that depend on our personal priorities.

Our actions raise public awareness on environmental issues and threats, such as climate change. We work on educating the next generations and on promoting outdoor activities and a sustainable way of living in harmony with nature.
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