What we do to empower women

We design, execute and promote dynamic women’s projects, in order to empower women and change the perception of female roles. At the same time our initiatives focus on educating, inspiring and connecting women of all ages and backgrounds.


The educational workshops enable women and girls to acknowledge personal gender-related prejudice and redefine gender-related views, perceptions and attitudes regarding the private and the public sphere, as well as the professional or other aspect of life. The workshops can vary in duration and number of participants, ranging from 2 to 8 hours and with an average number of 15 participants. The topics of the workshops include: Young Women and Leadership, Personal Image and Self-confidence, Women Against Violence but are constantly enriched.

Inspirational Speeches

Public speeches based on the experiences of people who defied the existing stereotypes and preconceptions, significantly contribute to women’s empowerment but they are mainly an inspiration for everyone to pursue their personal dreams and seek happiness. On an individual level, our public speeches and coaching encourage personal growth, self-knowledge and mindfulness. On a corporate level, our speeches promote the benefits of inclusion, diversity and tackle the issues of
anxiety and work life balance.


Women can achieve miracles when they work together, with trust and solidarity. Creating networks, synergies and collaborations are essential empowerment tools both on a professional and a personal level.This is why our projects are open to participation, voluntary support or other forms of cooperation. At the same time, our events aim to enhance coaching, mentorship and contact between women. Our events, communicated by our social media, are diverse and the subject each time determines the number and profile of participants.

Women For Nature: The Antarctica Expedition

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