“Women for Nature” is an initiative by “A Woman Can Be” organization about environmental sustainability. Our mission is to bring women close to nature and create the grounds for them to equally participate and furthermore lead actions aiming to conserve the natural world and reduce environmental threats such as climate change.

We envision a healthier planet and a sustainable, equal future for our children.

The main goals of “Women For Nature” initiative are:

To raise awareness on environmental issues and climate change

To educate on environmental challenges and ways to contribute to their solution

To promote a sustainable way of living and foster love for nature

To connect with people and organizations around the world to design and build a more sustainable future

Our Actions


We organize and participate in events, workshops and conferences that enhance knowledge and provide answers to contemporary issues concerning the environment. We cooperate with stakeholders, organizations, companies and individuals and we act as communicators to inform and promote issues about sustainable development and sustainable way of thinking.

Outdoor Activities

Love for nature and the environment is cultivated through personal experience. We cannot protect something we do not love and we cannot love what we do not know. Outdoor activities and experiences at sea, mountain and forest raise awareness and insight on environmental issues and make us all more alert. We organize mindful walks in nature, hiking and climbing for all kinds of groups, working teams, schools, even families to dive into nature and create meaningful bonds through outdoor adventures.

Educational Programs

We create social and environmental change through educational presentations and interactive environmental programs designed for elementary, secondary school children and students. Videos, quizzes, interactive play and other adventures are included in our toolbox to educate on mountain sports, nature preservation and sustainable development. We help the next generations to discover the world, learn to respect nature and try to find ways to protect our planet’s future.

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