Founder, Motivational Speaker & Environmental Communicator

Vanessa Archontidou is a mother of two boys and a woman who literally “climbed high mountains”. As member of the first Greek women’s alpinist team, in the spring of 2019, she climbed Mt Everest and as part of her mountaineering activity she has traveled around the world scaling 6 of the 7 SUMMITS, the highest peaks of each of the 7 continents.

Although for the past 17 years Marketing and Sales have been at the core of her business career, working as a Marketing Director for multinational companies, her personal development has been strongly influenced by her love of nature, meditation, mountaineering and traveling the world.

Since 2004, she is a member of AOS (Athenian Mountaineering Association) and has completed the Climbing and Winter Mountaineering School. As a Mountain Leader, Vanessa occasionally leads ascents and hikes all over Greece.

Through her experiences she has developed a deep respect towards nature as well as a concern for environmental sustainability. She is also a certified mindfulness teacher, specializing in outdoor meditation techniques that enhance concentration, empathy, positive psychology and empowerment.

In November 2019 she founded “A Woman Can Be” organization because she really believes that a woman can be … anything she sets her mind to.


Coach & Advisor

Angela Pantazi is an Athens University Law School graduate, but she never really practiced law. She grew up as member of a large family being the only girl amongst three (yes, indeed 3) brothers. Thus, she felt the need for her girlish voice to be heard out loud from an early age.

She started her professional career as a bank executive and in 17 years she reached quite high in the hierarchy. However, somewhere along the way she “heard her inner voice” saying that she wanted to do other things in life. So, she left the banking industry to pursue her dreams in entrepreneurship and personal development.
Today, she is a certified EMCC & AC Personal & Organizational Coach and a certified Mindfulness and Meditation teacher, keeping mindfulness at the heart of her Coaching approach.

She is deeply interested in personal development because she firmly believes in her theory of the “Healthy Unit” and in the Growth Mindset. She advocates the idea: While many of the world’s natural resources are depleted, one is waiting to be unlocked: Women. By participating in the “A Woman Can Be” organization, she wants to contribute to this important task of strengthening female presence, so that women can triumph across the spectrum of society, both on personal and professional level.
When she is not spending time working, or being with friends and family, she probably listens to podcasts (she also has her very own “the happiness cluster”). She speaks 4 languages and is a music, people and blueberries aficionada.


Environmentalist & Sustainability Consultant

Anastasia Zotou is the founder of “ZOTEN-Environmental Solutions”, a sustainability consulting company based in Athens. She aims to raise public awareness of urgent environmental issues and of the actions that could be taken to resolve those issues on an individual, corporate and public level.

Anastasia was born and raised in Seattle, USA but has lived in Greece for the past 20 years. She has published articles in various international scientific conferences and has given interviews to international media. She is a founding member of SandSI and has been certified as a “LEED Green Associate” and a “Sustainable Event Alliance Accredited Professional”.

She has introduced pioneering sustainability programs at sporting events in Greece by designing and implementing them in a number of competitions across the country. Her efforts focus on public awareness and education, as well as action, through the implementation of sustainable practices and programs on various issues, from climate change to waste management. The involvement of the local community and the emphasis given to the economic, social and environmental benefits that result from the implementation of such practices, are at the forefront of her philosophy.

She is a mother of two, a hiking lover, a tennis player and a jogger, and also an incurable optimist. She dreams of a zero-waste society and the implementation of the circular economy.



Designer and Facilitator of Workshop & Retreats

Natasha is a designer and facilitator of events, retreats and workshops; founder of “Journeys by Nat”, an experience & workshop design agency on wellness, empowering, environmental sustainability among other topics. Inspired by myths and stories from our rich heritage, her unique story-telling acts as an invisible thread connecting and coordinating the group’s dynamics.

The emphasis given in engaging in nature and culture exploration is a catalyst in these “journeys”: She believes that nature itself acts as a teacher that unfolds, multiplies and deepens the intensity of any such experience

After 20 years of international business experience in various countries, industries and a bold background in operations, sales-training and management, a holistic and diverse understanding of different cultures, environments and their stories has been conquered. The academic background in entrepreneurship (MA Business Administration, MSc in International Business) and the wealth of experiences lead to επι-χειρειν (epi-heirein, hands-on), undertaking various projects.

Active also in the hospitality sector (co-founder of comfortbnb), traveling, exploring different environments and enquiring has never ceased to be her driving force.
Mother of 3 girls, multilingual team facilitator, a “serial-explorer” who enjoys bringing people together and creating authentic experiences.



Human Resources Executive

IOANNA PAPAKONSTANTINOU (Jeanette for friends) loved people, music and traveling since she was a kid.

That’s why very early she started to work professionally with the development of human resources in the field of corporations and she quickly assumed senior management positions. In her professional career as HR Director, she always aimed at exploiting the full potential and highlighting the abilities of everyone, regardless of gender.

Ioanna believes in free thinking, evolution, solidarity and that when you really want something, you claim it and you succeed. By participating in the “”, she wants to help women believe in their strengths and realize their dreams. Besides, women, due to their innate sensitivity and multiple abilities, can inspire those around them and contribute decisively to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and the protection of our planet.

Ioanna is a graduate of Political Sciences and from 2008 to 2013 she was one of the first members in Women In Business Committee (WIB) of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, one of the earlier initiatives to promote women’s entrepreneurship in Greece.
Being from a young age a traveling spirit and longing to experience the magic of discovery and get to know new cultures, flavors and smells, she has visited more than 60 countries and every year she adds new pins to the big world map she has in her home.
She loves music, attends concerts and sings with a 5-member rock band that is still looking for a name…