Women, Stereotypes & Gender Roles

Women hide tremendous power; it is in their nature. Many times, however, their abilities and innermost desires are suppressed not only because of stereotypes but also because of their “need” to comply with roles that every society has set for them. Gender roles and norms influence women’s participation in public life, entrepreneurship and even leisure activities (sports, outdoor life, recreation etc.) and are so ingrained in society that can have a subconscious effect on our behavior.

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Achieving Gender Equality

Gender equality is a fundamental right and a crucial feature of democratic societies. However, securing this right requires not only the legal recognition and guarantee of equality, but also its application in all areas of life: political, economic, social and cultural.
European Union studies show that achieving gender equality is not just a matter of democracy and social justice, but also a precondition for economic development. In this context, similar research shows that companies with more women in leadership positions, show results of stronger financial performance. However, despite the positive data and the progress made in recent years, all studies confirm that full gender equality has not yet been achieved, in any country in the world.

Empowerment through positive role models

Powerful role models inspire women and affect how a girl views her own potential. These are the people who girls use as references for whom they will become and whose behavior they will emulate. A girl needs to see confidence, leadership and accomplishment in other women in order to envision herself with those qualities. The promotion of positive female role models helps to combat gender stereotypes and negative perceptions, which may be related to a profession or activity. This makes the goal of gender equality more achievable. The more examples of women taking action and occupying positions that were previously dominated by men, the more perception and opinion on the roles of women in society will change.

We design, execute and promote dynamic women's projects, in order to empower women and change the perception of female roles. At the same time our initiatives focus on educating, inspiring and connecting women of all ages and backgrounds.
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